Proper preparation for a hunting trip is essential.  The following is a list of items we feel will cover your needs comfortably while hunting with us this fall.

  • Hunting license and tags. Get your licenses on-line []. Remember your Montana Bow and Arrow license.
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • Several cotton or flannel shirts
  • 5 T-shirts, personal items, toiletries, books etc.
  • Sleeping bag and pillow (for elk hunts)
  • Complete Camo outfit, hat and face mask.
  • Camo should be light colored,  Realtree Max-1, AP, Mothwing or Sitka Gear with Optifade are all good.  I use and recommend Sitka Gear – they have excellent layering systems: lightweight, warm, and packable. The Optifade camo pattern is ideal in our area.
  • 2 pair lightweight hiking boots, in case one pair gets wet
  • Packable rain gear
  • 1 light weight and 1 heavier jacket preferably camo
  • Camo daypack, with flashlight, lighter, pocketknife, sunglasses etc.
  • Binoculars and rangefinder. Leupold Vendetta are not allowed in Montana.
  • Pocket size digital camera
  • Bow and one dozen arrows,  I don?t recommend mechanical broadheads.  Montecs, Strykers and Trophy Takers all work well.  Lumenoks are not allowed in MT, in fact no electronics or lights are allowed on your bow or arrows
  • Bow kit, extra broadheads, string wax, allen wrenches etc.

I have targets at camp for you to shoot at.

Typically the weather this time of year is pretty good.  Warm during the day and cool at night.  Rain and snow are possible but unlikely.  Clothing you can layer is the best, you can leave heavier stuff in the truck, boat or your daypack. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

I look forward to hunting with you,
Brett Landwehr