Prairie Dog Hunts
Prairie Dog Hunts


Prairie dog hunt:

  • Private ranch prairie dog hunt
  • July and August, dates to be determined
  • Food and lodging provided
  • 3 day Hunt, 2 hunter minimum – call for availability
  • Prairie dog hunt packages are also available for a guide fee only (no meals or lodging) – call me for prices.
  • Phone 1-405-219-1319 to ask questions

Prairie dog hunts are fun for many reasons. No pressure and lots of shooting are just a couple. These hunts enable you to sharpen your shooting skills, fire lots of ammo, and help ranchers control prairie dog numbers. These hunts take place on private ranches with numerous “Dog Towns” providing a target rich environment. These hunts take place in August, getting you ready for the upcoming big game season. This is a great experience for new and seasoned hunters alike.